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About Aegis

Aegis is your last defense and your constant companion. Aegis is underwear with protective technology built in to give you peace of mind, wherever you are and whoever you're with.


Whether you're uneasy or in danger, just a few taps to your hip will send out a signal for help using the app.


The underwear will automatically send your location and basic profile details to local authorities when in danger.


Aegis is made using AR WEAR technology. The bands keep the underwear in place even when tugged at and won't rip or cut.

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Whether you have one pair for your nights out or a pair for everyday of the week, aegis is an excellent addition to your wardrobe.

Aegis is made of 95% cotton and 5% spandex. The waist and leg bands are made using AR WEAR technology that does not move when pulled and does not rip. The waist band is secured with a twist lock so only you can take them off. The side pads carry the aegis technology that allows you to send signals. Be sure to remove batteries before washing. To wash: hand wash or wash with delicates.



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How it works

Aegis uses a tap to text system. By knocking on your hip twice or three times, the device will send an alert through your phone with either a nervous or danger alert and your location.

  • Step 1: Tap

    Tapping your hip sends a signal to the circuit board

    Two taps send a nervous alert to your contacts and three taps send a danger alert to local security and author

  • Step 2: Signal

    Using the Bluetooth and GPS modules, a signal is sent using the app.

    Nervous alerts will send your location to chosen contacts so they can monitor where you are until you feel safe. Danger alerts send your information and location to local authorities or security.

  • Step 3: Signal Received

    Contacts or Authorities receive your signal

    When the selected people receive your signal the notification will stay active until you turn it off and signal that you are now safe. This will work even if your phone is broken or the tech is damaged.

  • Who Is Contacted?

    Authorities and security does not just mean local police.

    This system is used to make sure the closest people to you can help. This can be used by bars, clubs, schools, parks, etc. to ensure help arrives as fast as possible. The closest security as well as police will be notified if you are in danger.

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